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When choosing a solar water heater, the type of tank plays a significant role in its performance and efficiency. Among the various options, vertical tanks often stand out as the superior choice for many applications. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore why vertical tanks are better for solar water heaters, especially in diverse settings like PGs (Paying Guest accommodations), apartments, hospitals, and guest houses. We'll also look into the benefits, pricing, and top companies in India to consider when making your decision.

why vertical tank is better in solar water heater

Understanding Solar Water Heaters

What is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater is a system that uses solar energy to heat water. This eco-friendly technology is gaining popularity due to its efficiency and cost-saving benefits. Solar water heaters are widely used in homes, PGs, apartments, hospitals, and guest houses across India.

How Does a Solar Water Heater Work?

Solar water heaters typically consist of solar collectors, a storage tank, and a circulation system. The solar collectors capture sunlight and convert it into heat, which is then transferred to the water in the storage tank. This heated water is then available for various uses, from bathing to cooking.

Why Vertical Tank is Better

Efficient Heat Distribution

One of the primary reasons why vertical tanks are better in solar water heaters is their efficient heat distribution. Vertical tanks allow for better stratification, which means the hot water rises to the top while the cooler water stays at the bottom. This natural layering ensures that the hottest water is always available at the outlet, providing a consistent supply of hot water.

Space-Saving Design

Vertical tanks are more space-efficient compared to horizontal tanks. Their upright design takes up less floor space, making them ideal for installations in areas with limited space, such as PGs, apartments, and guest houses. This compact design is also advantageous in urban settings like Bangalore and Jaipur, where space can be a premium.

Enhanced Performance in Cold Climates

In colder climates or during winter months, vertical tanks perform better because they minimize heat loss. The reduced surface area exposed to the environment means that vertical tanks can retain heat more effectively, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water even in colder conditions.

Improved Maintenance and Longevity

Vertical tanks are generally easier to maintain and have a longer lifespan compared to horizontal tanks. Their design allows for better drainage and less sediment buildup, which can prolong the life of the tank and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. This reliability is crucial in settings like hospitals and guest houses, where a steady supply of hot water is essential.

Better Aesthetic Appeal

Vertical tanks often have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, blending seamlessly with the overall structure of buildings. This visual appeal can be a significant factor for installations in residential buildings, apartments, and guest houses, where the appearance of the property matters.

Applications of Vertical Tank Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater in PGs

In PG accommodations, the demand for hot water can be high, especially during peak hours. Vertical tank solar water heaters provide a reliable and efficient solution, ensuring that all residents have access to hot water when they need it. The space-saving design of vertical tanks also makes them ideal for PGs, where available space is often limited.

Solar Water Heater in Apartments

Apartments, particularly those in densely populated cities like Bangalore, benefit significantly from vertical tank solar water heaters. These systems can be installed on rooftops or in designated utility areas without taking up valuable living space. Additionally, the efficient heat distribution and reduced heat loss of vertical tanks ensure a consistent supply of hot water for all apartment residents.

Solar Water Heater in Hospitals

Hospitals require a constant and reliable supply of hot water for various purposes, including patient care, sanitation, and cleaning. Vertical tank solar water heaters are an excellent choice for hospitals due to their efficient heat retention and minimal maintenance requirements. These systems can help hospitals reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint while ensuring the availability of hot water.

Solar Water Heater in Guest Houses

Guest houses often face fluctuating demands for hot water, depending on the number of guests. Vertical tank solar water heaters can efficiently meet these varying demands, providing a steady supply of hot water regardless of occupancy levels. Their aesthetic appeal and space-saving design also make them a preferred choice for guest house owners looking to enhance their property’s value.

Pricing and Costs

Solar Water Heater 200 Litre Price

The price of a 200-litre solar water heater can vary depending on the brand, features, and location. On average, the cost ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 35,000. It's important to consider factors like efficiency, warranty, and after-sales service when comparing prices.

Solar Water Heater Rate

The rate of solar water heaters can differ based on capacity, type (flat plate or evacuated tube collectors), and additional features. Vertical tank systems may have a slightly higher initial cost compared to horizontal tanks, but their long-term benefits often outweigh the price difference.

Solar Water Heater in Bangalore Price

In Bangalore, the price of solar water heaters can be influenced by local market conditions and availability. On average, a good quality solar water heater with a vertical tank can cost between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000, depending on the specifications and brand.

Solar Water Heater Jaipur

Jaipur, with its sunny climate, is an ideal location for solar water heaters. Prices here are similar to those in other parts of India, with a 200-litre vertical tank system typically costing between INR 18,000 and INR 45,000.

Choosing the Right Solar Water Heater

Top 10 Solar Water Heater Companies in India

  1. Varistor Solar: Known for its high-quality solar water heaters and excellent customer service.
  2. Tata Power Solar: A leading brand with a strong reputation for reliability and performance.
  3. V-Guard: Offers a wide range of solar water heaters suitable for various applications.
  4. Racold: Known for its innovative designs and energy-efficient systems.
  5. Supreme Solar: Provides durable and efficient solar water heaters.
  6. Emmvee: A trusted name in the solar industry with a focus on sustainability.
  7. Inter Solar: Offers cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial use.
  8. Havells: Renowned for its high-quality products and advanced technology.
  9. Bosch: Combines German engineering with superior performance.
  10. A.O. Smith: Known for its durable and efficient water heating solutions.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a solar water heater, consider factors such as the capacity, type of collectors, warranty, and after-sales service. Vertical tank systems offer numerous advantages, but it's essential to select a reputable brand and model that meets your specific needs.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

Environmental Benefits

Solar water heaters reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy from the sun. This helps in combating climate change and promoting sustainability.

Cost Savings

While the initial investment in a solar water heater may be higher than conventional water heaters, the long-term savings on electricity bills make it a cost-effective choice. Government subsidies and incentives can further reduce the cost.

Energy Independence

By using solar energy, you can reduce your dependence on grid electricity and fossil fuels. This energy independence is particularly beneficial in areas with unreliable power supply.

Increased Property Value

Installing a solar water heater can increase the value of your property. Prospective buyers often view solar water heaters as a desirable feature due to their environmental and cost-saving benefits.


Vertical tanks are undeniably a better choice for solar water heaters due to their efficient heat distribution, space-saving design, enhanced performance in cold climates, improved maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are installing a solar water heater in a PG, apartment, hospital, or guest house, vertical tanks offer numerous advantages that make them worth considering.

By understanding the benefits and applications of vertical tank solar water heaters, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and contributes to a sustainable future. For high-quality solar water heaters, consider reputable companies like Varistor Solar, which offer reliable and efficient solutions for various applications.

Now It's Your Turn:

Making the switch to solar water heaters in Delhi is a smart and sustainable choice. The top brands like Varistor Solar™, Racold, Havells, V-Guard, and AO Smith offer reliable options to meet your hot water needs efficiently.

Among these, Varistor Solar™ stands out as the top choice in India, trusted by many. We provide a variety of solar water heaters, catering to different preferences and requirements. Our clients trust us for our quality and performance.

For more details about our solar water heaters, call us at 9113690456 or email sales@varistorsolar.com. Choose Varistor Solar™ for a greener and more energy-efficient future.


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