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FPC Solar Water Heater Manufacturer Based in Bangalore

We're FPC Solar by Varistor Solar™, and we make really good solar water heaters in Bangalore. These heaters are super efficient and work well for homes and businesses. What makes them special is that they use the sun's power to heat water, which saves money and is good for the environment.

Our goal is to be innovative and take care of the Earth. We want to give you a reliable and eco-friendly way to heat water. Our solar water heaters are made with high-quality materials to make sure they last. We believe in using technology to capture the sun's energy, making it easy for you to reduce your energy bills and do your part for the planet.

When you choose FPC Solar by Varistor Solar™, you're choosing a company that cares about performance and cares about the future. We're here to help you have a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Trust us for solar water heaters that not only work well but also help make the world a cleaner place.

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