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Solar Water Heater100 LPD ETC GLC

100 LPD ETC GLC Solar Water Heater

The "100 LPD ETC GLC Varistor Solar™ Water Heater" is a solar thermal system designed to efficiently heat 100 liters of water daily using sunlight. It incorporates advanced Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) technology, optimizing solar energy absorption. The system features a robust Glass-Lined Coated (GLC) tank, enhancing both efficiency and ensuring a longer lifespan. The Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) technology enables superior heat absorption, making the water heating process more effective. The Glass-Lined Coated (GLC) tank enhances durability, preventing corrosion and contributing to the system's long-term reliability. This solar water heater serves as an eco-friendly solution, harnessing renewable energy to meet daily hot water needs. The combination of cutting-edge technology and durable materials makes it a sustainable and efficient choice for environmentally conscious consumers seeking a reliable water heating solution.

  • For a family of 2-3 person
  • Warranty: 10 years (on-Tank)
  • Tank Volume- 100 LPD
  • Inner Tank material- Galvanized Iron with Glass Coating (GLC)
  • Outer Tank Material - Galvanized Power coated
  • Outer Tank Material - Galvanized Power coated
  • No of tubes - 8
  • Tubes Length : 2100 mm
  • Water Hardness Handling capacity: up to 2000 ppm

Must Before Buying: 

  • Space available on the terrace should be minimum:  8 feet x 3 feet
  • Overhead Tank/Syntax should be placed a minimum 6 feet higher from the terrace
  • If you have a booster pump on the terrace, this product is not for you.

Price Includes: 

  • Transportation to your House
  • Lifting to the Terrace
  • Installation 

Customer Scope:  Plumbing


Application Non Pressure
Capacity: 100 LPD
Inner Tank Material GI + Glass coating (Best Inner Tank)
No. Of Tubes 8
Outer Tank Material Pre coated GI (Galvanized Iron)
Tank Insulation PUF- 50 mm (Polyurethane Foam)
Type : Evacuated tube Collector
Warranty 10 years

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