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Varistor Solar™Privacy & Policy

We want to make sure your information is safe and secure at Varistor Solar™. Your privacy matters to us, and we take care to protect the details you share with us.

When you order products or services from our website, www.varistorsolar.com, we may ask for your name, contact info, and payment details. This helps us manage your orders, deliver what you've bought, and let you know about promotions. We also use this info to suggest products you might like and keep your account in good shape for new projects. Before you shop with us, it's a good idea to read our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data.

Your feedback is important in making our website better. We use your info to improve our site, prevent fraud, and get support from others to keep things running smoothly.

What We Collect:

We need some personal info to know who our customers are and how to keep them happy. This includes things like your name, phone number, email, address, and how you pay for things. Sometimes, we also get info from social media to learn more about your likes.

You can choose not to share some info, but it might limit what you can do on our site.


We use cookies (not the edible kind!) to store some data when you visit www.varistorsolar.com. This helps us manage the technical stuff and show you ads related to what you like. Don't worry; we don't store anything personal in these cookies.

Sharing Info:

We share some info with others who help us with things like delivering products and handling orders. These folks are trustworthy and keep your info safe. When you use our services, we may also share details like where you are and what network you use, but we make sure your important info like bank details is kept private.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

Sometimes we might need to update our privacy policy. If we do, we'll let you know by posting the changes on our website. Don't worry; we'll always keep you in the loop!"