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Solar Water Heater500 LPD ETC GLC

500 LPD ETC GLC Varistor Solar™ Water Heater

The "500 LPD ETC GLC Varistor Solar™ Water Heater" is a super advanced solar system that heats up 500 liters of water every day using sunlight. It's like a super-efficient machine that captures the sun's energy really well, thanks to its smart Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) technology. What makes this system extra strong is its tough Glass-Lined Coated (GLC) tank. This tank not only makes the system work better but also makes it last much longer. The Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) technology is like the hero here, grabbing a lot of sunlight to heat up the water super well. The GLC tank is like a shield, stopping rust and making sure the system stays strong for a really long time. So, it's not just a cool technology thing, but also a choice that helps the environment by using the sun's power for hot water every day. This solar water heater is not only smart and strong but also a friend to nature. If you want a mix of new tech, efficiency, and something that lasts, the "500 LPD ETC GLC Varistor Solar™ Water Heater" is the perfect pick. To sum it up, it's not just a reliable way to get hot water; it also shows we care about taking care of the Earth.

  • For a family of 10–15 people,
  • Warranty: 10 years (on-Tank)
  • Tank Volume: 500 LPD
  • Inner Tank Material: Galvanised Iron with Glass Coating (GLC)
  • Inner Tank Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Outer Tank Material: Galvanized Power Coated
  • No. of tubes: 34
  • Tubes Length : 2100 mm
  • Water Hardness Handling capacity: up to 2000 ppm

Must Before Buying: 

  • The space available on the terrace should be at least 8 feet by 9 feet
  • The overhead tank/Syntax should be placed a minimum 6 feet higher from the terrace
  • If you have a booster pump on the terrace, this product is not for you.

Price Includes: 

  • Transportation to your House
  • Lifting to the Terrace
  • Installation 

Customer Scope:  Plumbing


Application Non Pressure
Capacity: 500 LPD
Inner Tank Material GI + Glass coating (Best Inner Tank)
No. Of Tubes 34
Outer Tank Material Pre coated GI (Galvanized Iron)
Tank Insulation PUF- 50 mm (Polyurethane Foam)
Type : Evacuated tube Collector
Warranty 10 years

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